Aesthetics and Art in the 20th Century
Proceedings of the Sanart International Symposium on Art and Aesthetics, held between June 14-16, 2001, in Ankara
Edited by İpek Türeli

Published: March, 2002
Language: English

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ISBN 975-96396-1-0

Following papers are available for download in Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf) format. Please note that all of the papers below are provided solely for personal, educational or academic uses. None of these documents can be reproduced without exclusive permission from SANART.


Preface: About Sanart, Jale Nejdet Erzen

Editor's Introduction
, Ipek Tureli

Adorno and Heidegger: A Retrospective
, Ale¹ Erjavec

A Phenomenological Critique: 20th Century Aesthetics, Rana Nergis Öğüt

Inside the Architectural Box: Space and Relief in the Pergamon-Room, S.M. Can Bilsel

A Sentimental Education: The Professional Artist at the Turn of the Century, Deborah Semel

Experimental film and video in Britain in the 80s
Nina Danino

The 'Ready Made' Avant-Garde, Jale Nejdet Erzen

Discussion I, Avant-Garde

Architectural Aesthetics in the 20th Century, Dionysis A. Zivas

Aesthetics at the End of the Century: Dessoir’s Project, Richard Woodfield

Contradictory Aesthetic Theories of Modernism: Social Engagement or Autonomy?, Alan Colquhoun

Aesthetics and Ethics: A Tenuous Relation Revisited, Hasan Ünal Nalbantoğlu

Art and Politics in the 20th Century, Lev Kreft

Discussion II, Aesthetics and Art in the 20th Century





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