SANART Association of Aesthetics and Visual Culture
II. Turkish Congress of Aesthetics
“Changing Geographies, Changing Paradigms”

Mersin University,
Mersin Greater Municipality Congress Center
24-26 October 2013


1. Culture, Media and Aesthetics

Consumer Culture, art and aesthetics in the new world order

Network Society in the information age, media and aesthetics

Image Aesthetics in the Simulative world

Design and changing art in the virtual world

2. Politics and Aesthetics

Power and art

Power and Architecture

Political Power and culture/art policies

Art and the reactionary stance

The a-politization of art

Public Art and art in public spaces

Politics and public space

3. Environment and Aesthetics

Nature and art

Perception and environmental aesthetics

Ecological architecture, environmental design, ecological art

Urban transformation and urban aesthetics

Identity search in the changing world

4. Art and Aesthetics in the Changing Geographies

Center, Periphery relations, art and architecture

Art in the competing cities

War, art, architecture and changing environments

Art and Aesthetics in the Mediterranean Geography


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