"Aesthetics Bridging Cultures"

METU Cultural and Convention Center, Ankara, TURKEY
9-13 July 2007

An appeal to aesthetics as the congenial understanding of cultural and artistic expressions and the special attitude towards the world, that can affect states of mind and relationships. This congress aims to bring together from as wide a world as possible, aestheticians, philosophers of art, artists, critics and those interested in all aspects of the arts. Plenary talks, artist presentations, panels, special artistic events, a sculpture symposium on the METU campus, performances, film and video shows are planned.

The XVII International Aesthetics Congress is organized by the SANART Association of Aesthetics and Visual Culture with the support of the Middle East Technical University, the Faculty of Architecture, the Faculty of Philosophy, and the Department of Arts. It is organized under the auspices of the International Association of Aesthetics with full responsibility of SANART.

The METU Campus, which has won awards for its landscaping and ecological nature, has many facilities for food and shopping as well as outdoor and indoor swimming pools, gyms, several museums. More than a hundred participants can be lodged in single or double rooms inexpensively, in order of application.

The languages of the congress are English, French and German.

Sessions will be on: Aesthetics: Idealist and Pragmatist Approaches / Challenges of Globalization / Changing Cultural Paradigms / Sacred-Profane / Aesthetics in Historical Perspectives / Interpretation and Hermeneutics / New Technologies / Crossing the Borders: Intercultural-Transcultural / High and Low and the Everyday / Beauty Past and Present / Music-Performance-Film / Environment: Nature-Architecture-The City / Ethics, Politics and Violence / Aesthetics and Gender.

Plenaries: Maryvonne Saison, Joseph Margolis, Wolfgang Welsch, Thierry De Duve, Richard Shusterman, Deniz Göktürk, Gülsüm Baydar, Talat Halman

Artist Presentations: Gulammohammed Sheik, Arnold Berleant, Ayşe Erkmen

Special Presentation: Nelson Goodmann performance piece

Panels: Art and Politics; New Media and Aesthetics; Nature, Environment and Aesthetics; Scipt, Langugage and Aesthetics; Asian Diversities; Rencontres Mediterraneen; Turkish Aesthetics-Aesthetics in Turkey; Architecture and the City

Artistic Activities: Modern Dance Performance; Turkish and Indıan Music Duo; Turkish Folk Dance; Architecture Exhibitions, Modern Turkish Painting Exhibition; Turkish Artists Video, One Turkish film show, One foreign (Yemenite or Iranian) film show and others.

Deadline for sending in abstracts is 30 April 2007.
Late registration for 300 USD begins on 15 May 2007.

Early registration period has ended on 31 March 2006. Therefore, the fee amounts below are valid for the indicated due dates.

Deadline for abstracts: 30 April 2007; registration fee till 15 May 2007: 250 USD, late registration 300 USD. Accompanying persons attending meetings 100 USD. Registration, accomodation and abstract forms can be downloaded from this link and faxed to Jale Erzen +90 312 2107966. Payments can also be made directly to Sanart account. Detailed information for SANART bank account can be found on registration form , inquiries at telephone: (Jale Erzen) +90 312 2102215, (can leave message); or write to or . Papers for selection in the Congress Book have to be submitted by 13th of July 2007 in compliance with the mentioned template. Registration fee includes one reception, one cocktail, city tour, lunches, and tea.

Exhibitions of modern Turkish architecture organized by the Chamber of Architects, modern Turkish art organized by Nev Gallery, Iranian art curated by Susan Habib, several contemporary performances organized by Bedriye Kaba Işıl will take place. A concert of contemporary classical Turkish composers and a concert of Indian music from Santiniketan is planned.

A city tour will be organized to the Anatolian Civilizations Museum, the Modern Turkish Art Museum and to the Citadel. Daily tours will be organized to a traditional Turkish town and to the Gordion city. Pre and Post Symposium tours will be organized to Istanbul and Bursa, to the Aegean Ancient Sites, to the Seljukid capital and Mediterranean and to the North of Turkey.

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